3 Reasons to Hire a Junk Removal Company

When you’re driving through your neighbourhood, have you ever noticed a home with a big bin or dumpster outside? Your neighbours have hired a junk removal company. When you hire professional junk removal in Edmonton, you can get one of these dumpsters delivered to your home. Once you fill it up with garbage and junk, the company will return, pick up the dumpster and dispose of it for you. It’s pretty simple!

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Here are some reasons why you might hire a junk removal company:

1. You’re doing a major home renovation.

Out with the old, in with the new! If you’re tackling a major home remodel, there will be a demolition process. This is when you tear out everything from your cupboards and counters to your tile, flooring and even the kitchen sink! If they’re in good shape, sometimes these materials can be salvaged and donated to an organization like the Habitat for Humanity Restore or Home Re-Use-Ables, but in most cases they are garbage. Having a dumpster conveniently located in your yard will help you dispose of that renovation garbage from your home quickly so you can more efficiently work on your home renovation.

2. You’re moving.

Over the years we accumulate a lot of stuff. Clearing your house of junk and clutter will make it more attractive to potential buyers. It will also give you a head start on packing as you only want to pack and move what is absolute essential. If you have items that you can’t sell or give away, they will have to be disposed of. Just chuck it in your rental dumpster and the rental service or junk removal company will come haul it off for you.  Get more tips on how to get rid of clutter from your home.

3. You’re cleaning up the yard.

Whether you’re clearing out several trees and shrubs on your property, embarking on a major landscaping project or just taking care of regular yard maintenance, a hired bin from a junk removal company can be a huge help. Branches from trees and shrubs, old sod, scrapped decking or fencing materials and other organic materials can all be thrown in the bin for removal and disposal.

Cleaning out your home and yard is an easier job when you have the help of a professional junk removal company or bin rental service. Renovation and construction garbage, old appliances, broken furniture, yard debris and general household junk can all be removed with a simple phone call!

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