Benefits of Landscape Lighting


Your outdoor lights allow you to safely navigate around your property at night and enhance your home’s security. Thoughtful outdoor lighting design can also provide a warm and inviting ambience for your outdoor living spaces, increase energy efficiency and improve your nighttime curb appeal. Here are the benefits of landscape lighting:

Improve your home and yard’s aesthetics.

Landscape lighting installations are becoming more popular among homeowners. This is because thoughtfully designed outdoor task and accent lighting can be very attractive as well as functional. Edmonton Landscapers can include outdoor lighting in your overall landscape design plan. You can use outdoor lighting to light up walkways, add cozy accent lighting to your outdoor patio and to accent your water feature, garden or other landscaping features. Find inspiration with these landscape lighting ideas.

Make your outdoor living space more functional.

If you’ve invested in a deck, patio, pergola or other outdoor living space, outdoor lighting will make these spaces more appealing even after the sun goes down. Having lighting installed around your home to light up these social areas will draw you outside, so you can the most of your investment. Improve the space further by installing heaters or a fireplace. Read more articles about landscapers and enhancing your outdoor living space.

Increase your home security.

While having good outdoor lighting can enhance aesthetics and your personal enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces, it is also a great security feature for your home. Install motion sensor lights on your main driveway and around the house so the lights will turn on and beam on any potential intruders or strangers lurking on your property. In addition to these flood lights, having accent lighting in the yard will give the appearance that people are there, further deterring intruders from entering your property.

Incorporate energy efficient lighting.

Outdoor lights that are on a motion sensor, as mentioned above, will only turn on when someone is in that area of the yard. This is a better option for both security and energy efficiency compared to just leaving the outdoor lights on all night long.

Another trend in landscape lighting is low voltage lighting. This cost-effective lighting doesn’t use as much electricity and its low output provides a soft glow, which is perfect for that nighttime ambience. Another eco-friendly option is solar powered lighting. These solar lights have small panels that absorb the sun’s energy during the day to power the lights at night. These solar lights tend to be dimmer compared to low voltage lighting and will fade as the night goes on.

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